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Moto Hardware, a la carte.

Stainless p-clamps, EPDM cushioned, 5/8” is default size.

Stainless allen bolts, M6 x 20mm, nylock M6 nuts, M6 washers.

(Other p clamp sizes may be substituted; please specify 1/4”, 3/8”,1/2”,

3/4”, 7/8”, 1”, 1 1/8”, or 1 1/4” when ordering)

2 Clamp Hardware Kit; (Standard kit for MotoTube kit)                             

$4  (1” and larger clamps, add $1)

3 Clamp Hardware Kit; (Standard kit for MegaTube kit)                             

$5  (1” and larger clamps, add $1)

Happy Trails SU rack style Squared P Clamps; with bolt sets, 3 pack.          


SW Motech / V Strom Factory Rack P Clamps; bent to oval profile, with bolts, 3 pack.                       


Some applications can present challenges to easy installation of a Tool Tube.

Here is a solution to help in these situations. 

The concept of this system is to remove the molded brackets, as needed, for your particular application.

Install the heavy duty zip tie bracket, secured with a zip tie to wherever a good anchor point is;

a frame member, rack tubing, bolt hole in subframe, etc.

2 or 3 anchor points can be used. 

The zip tie brackets include a bolt on style and a dual swivel saddle.

The dual swivel saddle mounts turn 360*, and uses 2 zip ties.

Heavy duty zip ties are used, rated at 250 lb (Super Ties) and 175 lb (15” & 21” ties) break strength.

UniMount Kit     $16

Kit includes;

2- dual swivel saddle brackets

2- 1/4” bolt on style zip tie brackets

2- stainless 1/4-20 x 1” allen head bolts, nylock nuts, washers

2- Super Ties, 9” long, 250 lb

2- 15” cable ties, 175 lb

2- 21” cable ties, 175 lb

10- 7.5” standard zip ties, 50 lb,

for temporary installation and test fitting.

UniMount System
Bracketless Universal Mount Kit

LockLoops and Padlock Kit;  add locking hardware to your NanoTube or MotoTube.  LockLoops, stainless rivets, backing washers, brass padlock and 2 keys.


TubeTether;  new item, polypropylene TubeTether provides a simple means to tether a cap to any size ToolTube.  Requires a 21/64” hole drill into cap center, TubeTether snaps into hole in bracket and hole in cap.  Designed for appropriate thicknesses of each.